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Live music at the Festival includes performances at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café (free and open to all Festival credential holders 21 and older) by Michael Franti, Rooney, Clare Bowen, Josh Kelley and Andy Shauf, and performances at Festival Base Camp presented by Canada Goose by Thundercat, R.LUM.R, Chrome Canyon and live DJ set by Elijah Wood, Samora Pinderhughes, Lalah Hathaway, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal as well as the first-ever local music showcase, featuring Talia Keys, Joshy Soul & The Cool, Bboy Federation Performers. The annual BMI Snowball Showcase will feature Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon​, Sean McConnell​, The National Parks, ​Rachel Crow,​ and The Hearings​.

Talia Keys Gemini Mind

solo live looping

Sep 17, 2016

PCTV - Interview with Terry Burden

 GEMINI MIND "Help Me" (start at 4:10)

Oct 24, 2016


Times Square Chronicles

Sundance 2016: A Guide From Main Street


Cindy Marinangel

Febuary 5, 2016


"Electronic lists on tablets were at every high-end, networking party door like the Weinsteins, A&E, Erica Badu and Sting’s playing venues."  "Despite the mega stars providing intimate concerts for a very select few, by far the best music came from Talia Keys’ live band gigging at The Spur. The androgynous lead singer rocked her guitar and belted out original and funky/bluesy cover tunes in a manner reminiscent of Janis Joplin." - Full Article

Introducing Ski City!!

Featuring Talia and her song "Me".

Talia is Blogging about skiing, music and other stellar activities for SKI CITY.

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Salt Lake City is now marketing itself as Ski City

Talia is proud to be featured as a new face for their $1.8 million dollar re-branding campaign. Licensing her original song "Me" from Marinade's "Soak Your Meat In This" album, introducing the campaign as well as singing, playing guitars and drums through out their commercial. You may have seen it previewing for Warren Miller's 2016 Here, There and Every Where, on-line winter sporting events and select cable networks, to name a few. Skiing from the age of six and playing music from the age of nine, it felt like a good fit.


By: Katie Bain  JUL 3, 2014

Electric Forest 2014 EDM Culture List

Talia Keys

"We saw singer/blues guitarist Keys perform in the woods’ Globe Theater on Friday night and were struck by her talent, stage presence and refreshing candor."  "Her blistering sets weren’t even on the official schedule, but with the rapt crowds she pulled in each night, we’ll be surprised if she isn’t there next year."

Monika Blunder

Makeup & Beauty

Published Oct 9, 2013

Talia wrote and recorded the song "Be Who You Want To Be" for Los Angeles based celebrity make-up artist Monika Blunder's how-to video series.

More videos:

Rosie Huntington Whiteley- sneak peek

Karlie Kloss- sneak peek

Best of Utah Music 2016

Salt Lake City Weekly

Readers Choice: Talia Keys

March 2, 2016


"So which artist bubbled up to claim our Reader's Choice Award? Well, several bands, individuals and venues had great representation—and the ultimate winner is someone we did inexplicably overlook. So thank you, readers, for ensuring that singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Talia Keys got her well-deserved due. She works hard, books tons of gigs in and out of town, sings her ass off, plays most of the instruments on her album Fool's Gold and puts on an incendiary live show. She's also an avid human-rights activist, so bonus points for that. She's on her way to being huge." - Full Article



"Talia Keys stopped by Radio From Hell a few days ago to show us her talents. We love local, independent music, but we don't think she'll be local for long. She's looking to become a big fish in Salt Lake's small pond, and is looking to swim upstream from there! She came in Radio From Hell, and played "In My Beer" we loved it and we think you will too!"


Where we heard of her was for her music in Salt Lake City's newest ad campaign video! They have licensed Talia's song "Me" from Marinade's album "Soak Your Meat In This" and hired her as part of this campaign.

X96 Radio From Hell hosts

Kerry, Gina, Bill and Talia

Melahn and Talia with Richie X96 RFH Marketing Director

X96 Radio From Hell Show

Sep 19, 2014